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real love

December 11, 2011

Dorothy Day once quoted a priest who said: “You love God as much as you love the person you love the least”.


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  1. Faith shows us that God is, that He is infinite in goodness, that He can communicate Himself to us, not only that He can, but that He will. The human heart is troubled with unsatisfied desires and continual uneasiness; it longs for perfect satisfaction and solid contentment. It tends naturally towards God without knowing what He is, but when it finds Him by faith and sees Him so good, so lovely, so gracious, so ready to give Himself to all who desire Him, it is filled with delight because it realises that it has found that which it desires and can be at rest.
    The human heart, by a deep and secret instinct in all its actions, aims at felicity, seeking it here and there without knowing where it is to be found or in what it consists, till Faith shows it that in God only can it rest.

  2. Who wrote that ?…………………

    A man called Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva. A few hundred years ago.

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