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you better go to confession !

April 14, 2012

lying in bed on Saturday morning I shouted out to my daughter, (she is a woman of 37): ‘You better get yourself to confession Louise, otherwise you will go to hell fire !’

I then spontaneously burst out laughing !

Why did I laugh, what is so funny about what I said?

Somehow today in our secular post-christian world we just do not take seriously the matters of Catholic faith which we used to hold so dear. Why is that ? What on earth has changed so much about these once eternal truths?

If I am honest, (which I try to be) I myself! do go to confession every so often, I do regard it as very serious and a genuine source of divine grace etc.. But when it comes to communicating that zeal of mine to my grown up daughters I founder. The spiritual climate and air they breath is of a totally different density to my climate. It is as though we inhabit different planets. Perhaps the sorrow my daughter may feel over a wrong doing is real and acknowledged but she feels no need to confess it through the Church. Whereas I do.

So it is strange living this schizophrenic world of my faith and theirs; buit it is also quite amusing as humour helps us all to be more tolerant and helps us avoid the dreadful temptation to be righteous, fundamentalist and judgemental !


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  1. You are quite right, Sam, ‘tolerance’ is the key attitude when it comes to areas of ‘belief’. Your daughters may quietly think you were the victim of indoctrination in your childhood……………And it has to be said that the ‘eternal truths’ of yesteryear often undergo mysterious changes in the course of time.

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