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some thoughts on a wet monday morning

April 23, 2012

do you ever experience a dragging sensation in your inner being ?

No?  It is difficult to describe but i will try here:Altho if you read psalm83(84) you will get it from the horses mouth. “How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord, God of hosts. My soul is longing and yearning, is yearning for the courts of the Lord, my heart and my soul ring out their joy, to God the living God…………”

I can feel deep within me this longing….for something better, for a real, lasting, fulfilling Love. It is partly satisfied by falling in love with another person,or buying and enjoying that first exhilarating ride on a new motor-bike, elctric bike, new car…etc. It is glimpsed at when you go on holiday, a friend greets you with real love and affection. New birth also satisfies that inner longing, there is a deep need to be happy and satisfied.Every morning I can feel it ‘dragging’ inside me.

What do we do with this longing?

I usually distract myself from it by proceeding with the days duties, making a drink, eating some cereal, reading a newspaper, answering the phone, I cannot dwell on the longing because its quite painful and no one really wants to talk about it.




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  1. i leave my own comments as I am having a dialogue with myself! Actually it is quite useful I find.
    I get the strong feeling and impression that if I were to fully engage with this ‘longing’ i might enter heaven ! which is scary when I am an earthling !

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