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September 24, 2012

I have been asking God in my prayers over the past few years for a new vision of Him and the Church I have been brought up in: the Roman Catholic Tradition. ‘Is this it? ‘ has often been my cry of despair and frustration. Surely Lord, there must be more to it than this tired weary old church which seems to be imploding in on itself daily.

Where are the prophets?  I have asked God to fill me up with his love and not to let me off the hook,’ Come on Lord….more, give me more of your LOVE, as you know I have run out of ideas and steam!’ this has been my prayer for ages.

In one way at one level nothing has happened. I am still the same person, same life, same frustrations, same thoughts….then when I start to think at a deeper level I do realise that God is in fact lesding me into seriously deeper waters. He guides my mind as I am always asking Him not to let go of my hand, every day I am offering up the prayer of self-abandonment. There has been no blinding lights, but inevitably his grip has tightened. The life events around me speak volumes, the conversations I have with Mike Gartland, Tony Grigor and John Walsh, the books that come my way, there would seem to be a thread linking things.

Years ago I heard Richard Rohr and Ronald Rolheiser saying ‘start to think in a non-dualistic way!’ Its not so much ‘either or’ but rather ‘both and’. As Cynthia Bourgeault says in her famous book: (‘The Wisdom Jesus, transforming heart and mind, a new perspective on Christ and his message’) : “We walk thru life perceiving, reacting to, and attempting to negotiate the world “out there” on the basis of this operating system. It’s like being in a mirage. A system based in duality can’t possibly perceive oneness; it cant create anything beyond   itself – only more duality and more trouble. So the drama goes on and on.”

So we do have the capacity, if we choose, to shift to a whole different basis of perception. We come into this life with another operating system already lying in latency, and if we wish to move in this direction, we can learn to steer by it, understand through it, and ultimately discover our deepest sense of identity within it. This will mean learning to see via the heart rather than the mind which takes some effort and de-briefing.

The system we all automatically tune into is the egoic or dualistic world, it is related to the brain and the mind. In our pusuit of ‘salvation” as Christians, we try to keep the 10 commandments, do good and earn the reward, we attend church and keep the rules. However this way of ‘doing church’ is now breaking down and disillusionment is conquering the once strong catholic church organisation. It is time for a radical rethink. Many people in desperation will try to wind their life-clocks back to an earlier, less troubled time, like fixing a wonky computer to a time when it was working ok.

Such a leap into a new way of thinking into ‘the heart’ requires courage and great faith as it involves a risk.

But I believe it the way forward and one not to be afraid of. You can start to rethink using your heart instead of your brain  with the following small example . This morning it was pouring down with rain, my daughter called out to me “OH dad, its a ‘horrible day’ its raining !!”   I was able to immediately reply using my heart thinking rather than the usual dual type brain response, ” NO! Its a lovely new day, the rain is good too!”    Saint Francis of Assisi was a new being as he thought from the heart rather than the brain, he spoke often about the beauty of the rain!





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